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After enduring 3 hours of excruciating pain I drove myself to hospital. Not my first bout. They took vitals and ask me to have a seat in lobby there will be a long wait. In lad on my side sat up knelled squirmed then just left. Made it home got on google to this page. filled a glass with - olive oil, - lemon juice and - apple juice(i could not read that is was cider). Was about 2:00AM. within 10 minutes I finally dosed off woke up at 330AM Painless. I will be drinking this stuff from now on well or not. I am so amazed relieved thankful for the internet. If bones are not poking out of the body the medical system kind resembles our law enforcement.....

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I'm glad to read that your pain and stones seemed to subside with the remedy you found on this forum, I personally have suffered from gallbladder attacks/stones and my husband suffers from kidney stones - so I understand the pain. However; that being said, I find it out of place and non-essential at all your comment regarding the medical field and law enforcement. You realize that they have a priority system they have to follow. Depending on what you've explained your symptoms to be may reflect the type of care you receive. To say that the medical field and law enforcement don't want to help you because x, y, z or because your problems isn't bad enough, is not the case, typically it's literally a lack of staffing. Maybe encourage those to join those fields and make them better rather than complaining about them.

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