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I found out that I had GW last December, it was just a small one on my outer labia. I went to the clinic every week and let the doctor applied acid on the wart, I also put some coconut oil on my genital area, took some vitamins every day and after a month later, it was gone.

But a few weeks ago, I felt something hard and rough on my vagina when I'm in the shower, I didn't care much about it, I thought it was just because of sex. I felt like something wrong after days go by because I just didn't felt right and I could feel my vagina is not the same when it was a few months before.

So I went back to the clinic on Tuesday, the doctor told me that it was warts! It came back and I had a few this time, I guess it's because of stress or I upset a lot recently.
The doctor applied some acid on my warts like the last time, but I want it to be gone in a few days, so I tried the ACV the other day, it was hurt, but not that hurt. I think I didn't put the cotton pad close enough on the warts. I do it over night and took a shower, then put some coconut oil on before I go to work.

I do it again last night, it was SOOOO painful this time! I almost passed out, main reason is because I only had salad for dinner and workout in a gym after work.
I did make sure the cotton pad fully cover the warts and the result was good I guess, I bleed and it was burn like hell. I couldn't stand the pain and felt dizzy lol so I wasn't sure if I should carry on.
Well, I'm glad that I suck it up, I checked this morning when I woke up, the warts were gone although my vagina still hurts, it was worth it.
I will do it again tomorrow to make sure the warts are completely gone.

I'm not sure about the color of my vagina though, the ACV makes it look pale or is it normal? Will it go back to the usual color?

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It will go back to normal color.


hi..u mean inside your vagina??in the moist part??


i want to try what you did,u put the cotton pads inside your vagina?


Thanks.. it goes back to normal color in a few days.
Not inside my vagina, just close to my vaginal orifice, if u had warts inside your V, u should use tampon instead of cotton pad.
I tried again after two days coz the warts are not completely gone, keep using it every other day or more until they were gone, keep fighting :)


Hi! I am currently using ACV and yes it hurts so much. I noticed one GW under my vaginal orifice at first i didnt know it was a GW to i pluck it and bleed then the next day i was able to palpate another one. Anyway, i was able to get rid of the big ones. My problem now is that the minor folds has fleshy appearance like taste buds are appearing. Im so worried. I still am continuing ACV and waiting for the result. :(


Hi ..
I had wart inside ma vagina so is it okay to use ACV inside vagina?


DON'T PUT ACV INSIDE OF YOUR VAGINA. Go to a doctor. That can mess with your Ph levels so badly.

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