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Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with herpes & am having my first outbreak. It is the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I also have a uti and a yeast infection which are also firsts for me. I have tried applying baking soda to the herpes but when I do it just causes a constant burning down there. Is that normal? I think it burns because they are ulcers already & are always moist. I didn't have the stage where they were blisters & then they burst into ulcers . Can that be why it burns whenever I try anything to soothe the pain?

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Dont know if you still need help, but that's normal about the burning and baking soda I think. My b first outbreak was similar to yours--most painful thing ever. And for every one the first outbreak is the worst, and most things won't really help. Go to a doctor and get meds-you need those. And the two things that will help and not burn are pure coconut oil and vaginal cream (like vagisil or equivalent). For your first time since it's so painful I'd recommend the cream--it is kind of like a numbing cream. It will burn for a minute or two on first application then it will feel sooo much better. Also, that should help with itchiness/burning associated with your yeast infection too.


Can anyone really cure herpes?

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