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Okay I need some advice. I have posted here before but did not receive many replies. I went to my doctor a few months back and was told the redness was a yeast infection. Slowly but surely I figured out it was genital warts and went back to be told it's only molluscum, I firmly disagree. Tried the ACV for a while and it worked only they kept coming back. Noticed slight swelling at my urethra opening and showed the doctor but she said it's probably nothing. This does not help me at all. After ACV treatment myself I was left with maybe three GW. One on the right side of my foreskin, one on my banjo string (sorry don't know the correct term) and the swelling of my urethra opening (looks like lips). I read about hydrogen peroxide and how it may work so I'm currently using it and it seems to be working. The wart on my foreskin is practically gone and the wart on my banjo string (again sorry) is beginning to change colour and die by the looks of it. I have also let a drop into my urethral opening and it bubbles and foams the way it does with any of the others and also seems to be working. Just want advice if anyone knows more about urethral warts. My doctor disagrees with me saying its all bull I'm reading online. I'm worried about the warts at the head of my urethra but I think they have not moved any farther in as there has only ever been discomfort at the opening and I can see them and where they stop inside due to the effects of the hydrogen peroxide. Please reply to this. I'm scared.....

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My recommendation is find another doctor. I went to 6 doctors until my gws got so bad the last doctor had to refer me to a dermotologist. It's best to start treatment asap. And if one doctor won't help you my suggestion would be to seek other counsel


please let me know if you find a solution. I am in the same situation.


You may want to do some research into this. There's a lot of information on line about using your urine to treat warts due to the high acidity level of urine (along the same lines as treating jellyfish stings) you may not need to worry about getting warts inside your urethra if this is actually true. Many people on line swear by this treatment.


Boost immune system.

Talk to people that work at health food stores for remedies.

Eat super foods & drink green smoothies.

Avoid soda and junk foods.

Reduce stress.

Use duct tape soaked in apple cider vinegar for a month. Be patient with alternative remedies

Drink lots of water.

Google home remedies and warts.

Stop smoking.

Always use condoms.

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