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Ichtamol helps me a lot with abccesses, it is a drawing cream sold over the counter in german pharmacies. However here in the US I wasnt that lucky to find it anywhere until I went into a feed and tack store.... yes it is for horses.i get nasty abscesses all the time, almost anywhere on my body. On top i take hot hot baths, it usually opens and drains quickly within a day or two.

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Hi All.

Try the bottle technique! It worked straight away for me.

I've had an abscess near my anal passage for a week now, I couldn't walk, sit down or sleep as it was just too painful. After extensive research on it I decided to take a different approach and try the bottle technique that I had found, I just tried it then and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

Here's what you do....

Take a hot bath, soak in it for 30mins, this will help draw the boil to the top and soften the skin.

Then, get a vodka cruiser bottle or beer bottle and empty the contents. Make sure you wash it thoroughly with soapy water.

Boil the kettle and fill the bottle to the top. Let the hot water heat the bottle up for a couple of mins.

Empty the bottle using a tea towel, don't burn yourself.

Apply the top opening of bottle over the abscess, zit, boil whatever you may have and let the bottle do the rest!!! INSTANT RELIEF! The heat will draw out the gunk and you will feel a slight suction and burning but OMG Peeps, Amazing!

I'm in bed now ready for a good night sleep!

Hope this helps

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