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Severe Teeth Pain Remedies~

As one that has suffered from tooth pain for most of my life and I am now getting close to 45, I will share some of my remedies.

1. Room temperature water held in the mouth and swished around the painful tooth helps. I have no idea why, but there have been times this has been the only thing that has kept me sane.

2. Clove oil. I rub it on the gums and tooth and it helps some. Although, there have been times when it hasn't helped very much. And it burns like fire.

3. I once went to the ER due to the pain getting so intense that I could not deal with it. I got a shot of Toradol [an inflamation + painkiller] That did not help me. When I got home, I took two PM Tylenols on top of it and sat in bed and the next thing I knew, I could not move a muscle and I slept until the next day but the pain was gone for quite a while. So crossing Ibuprofen and Acetometaphin helps a lot. Just don't do too much or you will OD.

4. Rubbing Vicks Vapo-Rub on the jaw, cheek, down the eustachian tube and behind the ear and even on the temple before bed helps. Rub it everywhere on the face where your teeth hurt.

5. Antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine helps. It burns like fire! But it helps numb the pain. Hold it on the tooth for as long as you can stand it and repeat. Do not swallow.

6. Garlic pills. I take the 1000 miligrams of garlic pills and I take 2 at a time to deal with infection. This is helpful when my jaw swells out. Garlic helps a LOT! It is an antibiotic.

7. Rubbing gums around tooth helps. Accu-pressure does help. Rubbing the temples and squeezing the bridge of your nose helps deal with the pain too. Pressing your palm against your forehead helps. I don't know about you guys, but it seems that when the back of my head is laying down on a pillow, it makes the pain 10x worse for me. So, I sit up until I can manage the pain.

8. Hot and Cold compresses to the jaw, back of your neck and head helps. Even a bottle of cold water can help when you hold it against the jaw and back of the neck. Holding ice in your hand helps too. The area between your thumb and forefinger is connected to your teeth somehow and when it is really cold, it seems to take the pain away from your teeth.

9. Warm salt water swished around your mouth helps a little. Brushing your teeth and gums helps too.

10. Something that I do, I put Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear that is on the side where the pain is the worst. It hurts but it bubbles up the infection and it helps for a while too. You pour in a little bit and let it stand for as long as you can and then tilt your head to dump it out and use a Q-Tip to get the rest out. I have been doing this for a long time and it does help.

11. This is weird, but there are times when I bite down gently but firmly with my front teeth onto my finger or something like a teething ring and it takes the pain away for me.

12. When all else fails...**PRAY like you mean it!** Teeth pain is some of the worst pain ever felt. I have broken my arm and the pain can compare to severe tooth pain! UGH! And I knew someone that was in such bad shape that she just prayed and told God that she could not deal with it anymore and she started donating to charities and doing good things and she told me that she never had any more problems with her teeth.

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Pain free

I want to say that I used to have severe tooth pain and man oh man It is by far the worst pain ever ! But praying did help believe it or not I don't know what it is about it but it soothed and relaxed me and took the pain away thank you God!

Macuso Williams

Tonya... I am deeply overwhelmed by your toothache tricks. Thank u a big Thank you for you tricks. I was unable to do anything, the pain was killing me. I thought for a moment to pull the tooth out by myself. But with your Listering trick.. .. ... I was relieved instantly. Thank you my friend.. ... I will be always grateful to you bro.... Thank you once again. .. now I can sleep peacefully.. .. At morning I will go to the dentist... ... THANK YOU


You should never, ever put hydrogen peroxide in your ear! It will do damage.


Thabk You so much for this post! I hate dentists due to bad experence in the past.. And of course I'm hard headed so i dont want to go even though i have insurance. You reminded me to remember to pray. Also, ive tried a lot of things and im trying the vicks at the moment and it's actually helping! I have a tooth that has lost a filling as well as a wisdom tooth that are both in excrutiating pain. Thanks again!


Just wanted to return here and say on November 4th of 2015, I finally got all of my teeth removed. I was put out for the surgery and when they woke me up, I was giggling. I healed well and I can say that I am thankful that I don't have to deal with the intense pain of a toothache anymore.

I feel for all of you that still have the pain and I am glad that some of my tricks have helped you. As for the peroxide in the ear, I had done it a lot and I have dog ears and hear things that the neighbors are doing a few houses away. If you don't want to try it, don't.

And as for the praying part, if you are sincere and humble yourself and truly believe; it will work. It has helped me with pain.

Another thing, near the end before I had my teeth removed, it got to the point where those other tricks wouldn't work. The water which had once helped a lot, became painful. When your teeth get to that point, it really is better to tell yourself that a dentist is needed. The way I looked at it was do I want to keep suffering constantly with pain or do I deal with the pain of having my gums heal which wasn't much compared to the constant pain.

I wish everyone the best.

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