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Severe Teeth Pain Remedies~

As one that has suffered from tooth pain for most of my life and I am now getting close to 45, I will share some of my remedies.

1. Room temperature water held in the mouth and swished around the painful tooth helps. I have no idea why, but there have been times this has been the only thing that has kept me sane.

2. Clove oil. I rub it on the gums and tooth and it helps some. Although, there have been times when it hasn't helped very much. And it burns like fire.

3. I once went to the ER due to the pain getting so intense that I could not deal with it. I got a shot of Toradol [an inflamation + painkiller] That did not help me. When I got home, I took two PM Tylenols on top of it and sat in bed and the next thing I knew, I could not move a muscle and I slept until the next day but the pain was gone for quite a while. So crossing Ibuprofen and Acetometaphin helps a lot. Just don't do too much or you will OD.

4. Rubbing Vicks Vapo-Rub on the jaw, cheek, down the eustachian tube and behind the ear and even on the temple before bed helps. Rub it everywhere on the face where your teeth hurt.

5. Antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine helps. It burns like fire! But it helps numb the pain. Hold it on the tooth for as long as you can stand it and repeat. Do not swallow.

6. Garlic pills. I take the 1000 miligrams of garlic pills and I take 2 at a time to deal with infection. This is helpful when my jaw swells out. Garlic helps a LOT! It is an antibiotic.

7. Rubbing gums around tooth helps. Accu-pressure does help. Rubbing the temples and squeezing the bridge of your nose helps deal with the pain too. Pressing your palm against your forehead helps. I don't know about you guys, but it seems that when the back of my head is laying down on a pillow, it makes the pain 10x worse for me. So, I sit up until I can manage the pain.

8. Hot and Cold compresses to the jaw, back of your neck and head helps. Even a bottle of cold water can help when you hold it against the jaw and back of the neck. Holding ice in your hand helps too. The area between your thumb and forefinger is connected to your teeth somehow and when it is really cold, it seems to take the pain away from your teeth.

9. Warm salt water swished around your mouth helps a little. Brushing your teeth and gums helps too.

10. Something that I do, I put Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear that is on the side where the pain is the worst. It hurts but it bubbles up the infection and it helps for a while too. You pour in a little bit and let it stand for as long as you can and then tilt your head to dump it out and use a Q-Tip to get the rest out. I have been doing this for a long time and it does help.

11. This is weird, but there are times when I bite down gently but firmly with my front teeth onto my finger or something like a teething ring and it takes the pain away for me.

12. When all else fails...**PRAY like you mean it!** Teeth pain is some of the worst pain ever felt. I have broken my arm and the pain can compare to severe tooth pain! UGH! And I knew someone that was in such bad shape that she just prayed and told God that she could not deal with it anymore and she started donating to charities and doing good things and she told me that she never had any more problems with her teeth.

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In disbelief

Are you fucking kidding me!!!!! PRAY!? That's right medical science isn't working, lets look up at the sky and start talking to air. That's sure to help the pain. This is horrible advice and I hope that it has never turned someone away from seeking actual medical help when it came to dealing with something so horrible as intense tooth or gum pain.




Yes. Pray. Pray for relief and pray for acceptance of God's will that you suffer. As a Roman Catholic we believe that there is great merit that may be obtained by joining our suffering with Christ's. We refer to this as redemptive suffering or 'offering it up...' We offer our suffering united with Christ for someone else's needs. I am suffering some bad pain now and that is why I was looking at this site. I have asked God to help me thru this difficult time and to accept that right now I have pain. Perhaps it was the holy spirit that guided me to this site when I asked for help? Who says supernatural is easy? But, just ask Him for help. Open your heart just a bit to His grace and you might just find some help un-looked for. +++JMJ+++


swish vegetable oil and spit


OK so I have had many toothaches. Pli am dealing with one now. I've tried the salt water, the salt and pepper paste, the hydrogen peroxide, the ice and heat, and just about everything I can try. Nothing is working. And the stupid dentist gave me ibuprofen. Lmfao. I've been taking it with Tylenol all weekend and no relief. Its an infected tooth. Apparently there is no relief. and FYI praying doesn't work if you don't believe.


Have you tried the clove oil rub? Rub some clove oil on your gum and in the tooth. It burns like the antiseptic mouthwash, but it helps some.

Hold room temp water in your mouth and swish it gently or just hold it around the tooth. This is sometimes the only thing that helps me.


That is the thing, you must believe to pray. And you must have faith that the pain will be taken away from you.


Thanks for the post . I was dealing with throbbing toothache at night due to which I was not able to sleep. I tried rinsing with water at room temp it helped me a little bit then I had some pain kill which did not help me.Then I tried with some warm water which made the pain worse .I had some cloves in my room which I placed near my teeth then finally had some I heading towards dentist to get it examined


Thank you so much i was in so much pain i was in tears...I did the Listerine thing and OMG..I was amazed...I had some Orajel for severe pain, and didn't do anything for me as compared to the Listerine and the vick's vapo rub trick..THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU


Thanks some of these helped

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