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Was infested now I am free

When I was growing up my mother was never willing or able to rid our home of lice, so my sisters and I was tortured for years by these bugs. Now I am a mother of three and guess what, nothing could get rid of these pests, until now. I came up with a recipe that will 100% kill lice and condition hair. You will be amazed at the results. You need
* a jar of real mayonaise(store brand is best and cheap)
* white vinegar
* 100% tea tree oil
* a spray bottle.
Mix some mayo and vinegar in a bowl, until it looks like cake batter, kind of thick but still a little runny. Then drop about 8 drops of tea tree oil in the mix, stir. The smell will be strong but don't worry it all comes out when shampooed. Now you put the mix in the hair by seperating the hair into about one inch sections as you go, make sure you put it all over the scalp area of the seperated hair and then spread it all down the lock of hair. It is easiest to start at the back of the head and work your way up. Once you have done the whole head, wrap the hair up with a clip on the top (if the hair is long) and put a shower cap or grocery bag over the hair, press the bag down to remove the air. Leave on for atleast 2 hours. Meanwhile, fill your spray bottle 3/4 with water and drop about 20 drops of tea tree oil in, and shake well. Now as you wait for the hair to be done, take your spray bottle and spray down your carpeting, couches, chairs, beds, pillows, blankets, anything that lice could be living in. Don't soak your carpeting or furniture, just mist it all over. The tea tree oil works as a repellent, because lice, ticks, fleas, misquitos, and horseflies hate the smell, so you could also use the spray on your pets. Also you want to add about 5-10 drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo, so then when your child is around other children that may have lice, the lice won't make your childs head thier new home because they hate the scent. After the two hours rinse the hair in a sink with water until the water runs clear. At this point you will see dead lice laying on top of the hair as you rinse. It will amaze you. Now you need to comb threw the hair with a lice comb to remove the dead bugs as well as the eggs. The eggs will come out so easy because the vinegar eats away the glue that holds the eggs onto the hair. If you need to, you can rinse with conditioner before combing. After these very simple steps you and your home will remain lice free. As with any lice treatment you will want to repeat these steps 7-10 days after the first treatment, to make certain that no lice eggs have survived. You will want to keep spraying the oil and water mix around your house just incase someone comes to your home with lice, atleast you will know the bugs are not being dropped off into your carpets or furniture. This treatment is the fastest, cheapest, easiest, and unlike the others it is 100%. I promise ,just try it. My family has been infested with lice for around 15 years, and finally we are lice free.

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O.K I'm going to try this on my daughters hair. She's had lice on and off for 3 years, she's had enough!! I have apent sooooo much money on lice treatments that have never worked like they say! We are going to do this. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks.


I also have been dealing with lice for many years. I have tried this remedy some years ago and it does NOT work.

Taran W.

Thanks so much for the info. As children me and my girlfriend both experienced lice, but this was our first time as parents, and we just didn't know what to do. So I spent the money at CVS and got the RID brand lice removal 2 days ago. I literally spent 9 hours straight ripping that damn comb through my poor daughter's head, the chemicals make it harder to comb, so you just rip out their hair. I didn't really notice a difference other than a few dead bugs falling out in the tub. So, she has had to stay home from school which means I can't go to work because the eggs are still there. I'm very hopeful that this home remedy will work. I'll reply with results!

Taran W.

One question, if anyone knows: We have a cat and he's indoor outdoor. Could we have gotten this from him, or could we give it to him? If so, what can be done to prevent this?


I am letting you know we did the treatment and it has been 3 weeks we had to do 2 of the mayo treatment. It works if you get RID of all the eggs! Believe us that does take a lot of time! We had to deal with this lice for 3 years lets hope its gone!!

tired mom of 3

This worked UNBELIEVABLY well! My 13 y/o daughter has repeatedly had lice return over the course of the last 4 months, whether because of where she goes or the drug store chemicals just are no good. I have absolutely been doing the cleaning/vacuuming/bagging/spraying all this time - to no avail. Finally, last night we took this advice (minus the tea tree oil which I didn't have). It truly did kill the bugs! They were floating around in the tub as I rinsed her hair...and this is after I had searched her thick locks trying to find any. We used dish detergent to wash her hair after the mayo, followed by lots of conditioner. I used the good metal comb from the LiceFreeee! product, and finally after 3 hours I was done. Many nits came falling right out w/comb, but many did not. Proper combing is KEY TO SUCCESS. Don't rush it or its wasted treatment time. Today I found the tea tree oil by the vitamins at Walmart & have added it to her new coconut suave sh&cond. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING THIS INFO- YOU'VE GIVEN ME SO MUCH RELIEF & HOPE!


I am sorry to say that I wish I would have known about this treatment a month or a week ago. My daughter who had beautiful long hair finally got fed up with the countless treatments and looking though her hair so she chose to cut it all off, I couldn't be in the room. I am trying it I hope it works because I am so sick of itching and worring. The tea tree oil can be found at walmart with the vitamines. or I am sure you can find it at any health food stores. Any place that sells vitamines should carry it except K mart unless perhaps it is the big K mart. I will let you know if it works. Thank you for making it so easy it will truely be a godsent if it is sucessful. I only feel bad about my daughter.

Mandy Toppeka

Hey I have ? for u, my daugter is 12yrsold n we can not seem to keep this lice mess under control. And after reading this I a very much so into trying this but I have on lil problem...where can I get tis tea tree oil???? plzzzzzz someone elp me get this so my girl don't have to suffer anylonger. e-mail is ty


You get the teatree oil @ Walmart in the vitamin isle. Also you can get it at any health food store.


It seemed to work for my daughter, too. I tried mayo by itself once, but mixing it with the vinegar and making a 'cake like paste' as she said, definitely made it easier to spread throughout the head and deep into the hair. I rinsed her hair in the sink (after 2 hours) and did not apply any shampoo. Hair will be very greasy looking for the next couple days. I used the thinest, thinest, nit comb I could buy and the little eggs still did not come out very easy the first night, but the next day they seemed to fall out much easier. She was really covered after several Rid treatments and nit combing attempted, so this definitely was the best remedy I have tried to date. Thank you for taking the time to post it, it helped us!

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