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Was infested now I am free

When I was growing up my mother was never willing or able to rid our home of lice, so my sisters and I was tortured for years by these bugs. Now I am a mother of three and guess what, nothing could get rid of these pests, until now. I came up with a recipe that will 100% kill lice and condition hair. You will be amazed at the results. You need
* a jar of real mayonaise(store brand is best and cheap)
* white vinegar
* 100% tea tree oil
* a spray bottle.
Mix some mayo and vinegar in a bowl, until it looks like cake batter, kind of thick but still a little runny. Then drop about 8 drops of tea tree oil in the mix, stir. The smell will be strong but don't worry it all comes out when shampooed. Now you put the mix in the hair by seperating the hair into about one inch sections as you go, make sure you put it all over the scalp area of the seperated hair and then spread it all down the lock of hair. It is easiest to start at the back of the head and work your way up. Once you have done the whole head, wrap the hair up with a clip on the top (if the hair is long) and put a shower cap or grocery bag over the hair, press the bag down to remove the air. Leave on for atleast 2 hours. Meanwhile, fill your spray bottle 3/4 with water and drop about 20 drops of tea tree oil in, and shake well. Now as you wait for the hair to be done, take your spray bottle and spray down your carpeting, couches, chairs, beds, pillows, blankets, anything that lice could be living in. Don't soak your carpeting or furniture, just mist it all over. The tea tree oil works as a repellent, because lice, ticks, fleas, misquitos, and horseflies hate the smell, so you could also use the spray on your pets. Also you want to add about 5-10 drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo, so then when your child is around other children that may have lice, the lice won't make your childs head thier new home because they hate the scent. After the two hours rinse the hair in a sink with water until the water runs clear. At this point you will see dead lice laying on top of the hair as you rinse. It will amaze you. Now you need to comb threw the hair with a lice comb to remove the dead bugs as well as the eggs. The eggs will come out so easy because the vinegar eats away the glue that holds the eggs onto the hair. If you need to, you can rinse with conditioner before combing. After these very simple steps you and your home will remain lice free. As with any lice treatment you will want to repeat these steps 7-10 days after the first treatment, to make certain that no lice eggs have survived. You will want to keep spraying the oil and water mix around your house just incase someone comes to your home with lice, atleast you will know the bugs are not being dropped off into your carpets or furniture. This treatment is the fastest, cheapest, easiest, and unlike the others it is 100%. I promise ,just try it. My family has been infested with lice for around 15 years, and finally we are lice free.

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Connie Kelley

To answer your hair color question ..First off yes I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and yes the Vinegar might lightned the color,but you can always get recolored if it does...some colors are better then others so there for it might not lightnen it at all...
Good Luck ...My daughter brought home lice and I havent tried this yet ,I have spent $100.00s of dollars in junk thats supposed to get rid of them,and to no avail,so this is next ...I hope it works Im at my wits end or should I say my nits end.....


this really works... thank you so much!!!! its a great way to get rid of lice. i cant thank you enough.


Hi, I have had this problem...i dare not even mention bothers me so much...i've had this problem for 11 going on 12 years. I have 3 other sisters and my family has found it impossible to rid us of this problem because it jumps from one sister to the other and when we turn our backs it re-manifests itself. my family finally gave up hope and i have been hiding it ever since. now i am 19 and i have had a boyfriend for 16 months. i fear he is starting to notice and so i plan on doing anything i can to get rid of it on my own. thank you guys for your submissions this gives me a lot of hope to feel like a normal pretty girl again like when i was 7.


Where do you find tea tree oil. I am a mother of three and i have been dealing with lice for two months. it's a never ending story at my house. I sit there for hours picking and killing then whrn I think they are buggy free they pop up again. I have spent hundreds of dollars and nothing seems to work. I am going to try this today but i nned to find out where to get tea tree oil? any one know where?


My daughter has got this awful inconvience so many times n we can not seem to shake it she has shoulder length hair and we use doctor perscribed treatment but they were still there. We use teatree shampoo om the regular but no such luck. Well lucky me i got it this time and came across this remedie n hope it works i was wonderin if there is anything that kills the eggs?


You can get tea tree oil in the vitamin/herbal section at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy

Mike C

Our family was devastated when our nine year old came home with lice. Then we found out that our six year old had it too. Where do we go and what do we do? Our knee jerk reaction was to go to the drugstore and buy a chemical solution.

We did. We used it and it was a horrible experience. Putting all those pesticides in our children's hair was bad but something we felt we had to do, so we did it grudgingly. So that night my wife and I said there had to be something better and natural.

We found Licenex from MicroNutra. We called and Pauline was extremely helpful and took extra time explaining the product and that it was 100% natural and it removed lice and nits. What a relief!

The next day we were waiting with anticipation; it did not arrive. It ended up that FedEx lost our package. The team at MicroNutra was extremely helpful and courteous and sent us out a package the very next day, no questions asked. Plus, the product is wonderful, smells great, and WORKS! Thank you Micronutra and Pauline!!! We are lice and nit FREE!


Yes, Can you tell me the size of spray
bottle you used? Or do you mean for to put a 3/4 cup of water in a spray bottle?
The spray bottle that I got measure's in ounce, and it also has 10-1, 5-1,
3-1,2-1. And it's a 24oz bottle.


Plain MAYONAISE will work just as well.
My Granddaughter had medicine resistant head lice all summer one year. Her Mom used that poison 4 times on her or more. She had sores on her head by the time her Mom brought her to my house.

I didnt know what to use with the open sores.
We then heard of mayonaise so I bought a big jar and we used the whole thing on her head at once..
Have to part hair and get it to the scalp REALLY well as they live on the hair shaft AT the scalp mostly or not more than 2 inches away.
Then waited 4 hours, rinse well ..Wallah!!dead lice and all gone.

You have to do this the following week to 10 days too, to get the hatched eggs or it WILL come back later.

I would suggest also getting EVERY egg sac off the hair folicles.
This might take weeks as it did with my grand daughter who has very thick hair, we did it every day for 15 minutes or 20... and they were on EVERY follicle it seemed like, but she didnt get it back again when we did these 3 things.
Mayo twice and combed and pulled out the sacs.
Actually she didnt get it back without pulling out the sacs but school insisted and I think its a good final remedy so the child Doesnt get them again.


I am excited about this, my daughter has thick hair down to her butt,wants to cut it due to THE BUGS! cant wait for the good results thanks

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