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I was almost completely deaf in my left ear. Kept putting peroxide in it to try and loosen the wax. Did it for a week to no avail. After reading an absurd amount of responses on this site I went to Wal-Mart and bought one of those little blue rubber Ear rinser things. I tried the first night to no avail, but the second night I was a bit more courageous and as some people commented I really put some pressure behind the water. Couple could sprays and voila, the land of the hearing. The things you take for granted....soak your ear with either olive oil or a peroxide/water mix and blast your ear with the rubber thing. Worked like a charm and I've had ear wax issues for most of my life. I'm telling everyone that'll listen. Thanks My Home Remedy community!! Keep up the good work.

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Thank you Adam! If you hadn't said the blue ear wax removal thingy I wouldn't have had the courage to do it. Now I can hear for the first time in almost two weeks!


I used the CVS brand of Brocks Drops and the blue syringe. First time did not work. Second day I let the drops sit in my ear for 20 minutes then took a hot shower. Thought I would try again. I pumped the bulb syringe with force over and over again into my ear and after a few tries I could not believe the wax that was coming out! I did this over the white sink in my bathroom. So I kept doing it until it was clear. I can hear clearly again after a couple of weeks. Persistence paid off.


What should i use if i don't have a rubber ear thing

Kelly storey

My boyfriend has a blocked ear he had it for the past week he been using cotton bubs to try and get the wax out he getting loads wax out but still loads in the ear he says the blocked ear is now giving him a head ace above the eyes any one any ideas of what he can do ????


My ear ha been blocked for 3days and I have gotten very frustrated so I when in this website and found this post and it really did work

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