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Ladies! I know the struggle! Because I've been through the struggle. It's so embarrassing. BV made me miserable. I battled with it for just about a year it would come and I'd go to my gyn take antibiotics then in 3 weeks it's back ! I was so discouraged I thought I'd live with it forever. It was taking a toll on my relationship I was so nervous about having sex! But I've tried everything soaking and drinking baking soda (yuck) soaking in salt. Vh essentials , rephresh they made the smell worst! One day I decided to try warm lemon water. And within hours the smell was almost gone. By that night it was GONE. I drank 3 cups the first day. Then 2 cups the next. Now for maintence I drink one cup of warm lemon water daily. Please try this b4 u douche and put tablets in you. Because this is non Invasive and safe.
I drink about 8-10oz warm water and squeeze about 3-4 of Sicilias fresh lemon juice. U can use real lemons if you want but this is super convient for me because I'm always on the go! Good luck and thank the lady who posted lemon water prior to me! You helped me so much!

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I'm trying this right now!!!! Thank you!


Activia yogurt is also magic with lemon water try it


Going to try today!

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