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I have a moderate sized zit on my face that I have been trying to bring to a head for days. I read a remedy about taking a water bottle filled half way with very hot water and letting that soften the zit/boil. Well I ended up giving myself a 2nd degree burn on my face and still have the horrible zit. I feel very foolish for doing this. I think it would have been a good idea without the very hot water. I'm going to try to see a Dr. tomorrow.

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For boils or bad zits use the membrane from an egg. Peel what size you need put directly on the spot and let the membrane dry out. It should bring it to ahead.


Yo! I just read these then researched 'black salve' and lets just say dont use it! These peoples faces, armpits, groins, even an ear lobe was basically destroyed. Watch out. Dont believe me? Google it!
Okay, Thanks Bye!


Put a bit of Vicks VapoRub (can be generic brand) on the zit and leave on, minimally for 20 minutes (maybe more depending on zit size). Blot off with tissue and zit should be gone. If not,apply Vicks on zit and leave longer. Reapply as necessary. Has ALWAYS worked for me.

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The milk bottle remedy you mention is not to have hot water in the bottle. Heat the milk bottle. Then put the opening of the bottle over the boil/zit. As the bottle cools, and the air inside cools, it creates suction through the opening. (Just as heating the bottle forces air OUT, cooling the bottle draws air IN. Simple.)
My parents used this method successfully in the 50's, as I recall.

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I tried the poultice recipe and was amazed how well it worked. Thanks so much for sharing this natural remedy. Much prefer this route than a trip to the hospital!


For a pimple/zit take a fresh piece of garlic clove, cut a small piece off to expose the fresh garlic inside and rub it on the pimple/zit before you go to bed. Do not wash your face, leave the garlic juice that you rubbed on the spot on over night. The pimple/zit should be gone in the morning


Toothpaste. preferably white, Although I find all but Aquafresh works. dab it on and leave over night. Really bad may take 2 days

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