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Try this at YOUR OWN RISK grab salt water very salty heat it up and take a golp hold it where the pain is then right away spit it out and do the same with very cold water it will hurt you will feel a crack or pop your tooth will crack killing the nurve and instant relief

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Does the cold water need too be salty as well or just plain cold water?


Does he cold water need to be salty as well?


why would you do this to someome thats already in extreme pain? hope there is a special place below for people like you. Dont try this guys it hurts a whole lot and dont help any just adds more pain.


I feel like I cannot take advice from someone who can't spell nerve.


Does this really work???????? I can't handle this pain anymore but cold water practically kills me????????????


All one needs to do with a bad tooth ache/infection/abscess is put garlic on it. Just that. But not a TON of it and not for an hour or whatever, because garlic will cause chemical burns if too much or on too long (or both). I can assure you this will work, 98.5\%. What I did was cut little slices straight down a clove (to keep them in place easier - they slide around inside mouth), perhaps 1 mm x 1 mm. Place these in mouth & gently chew on them to release oils (or whatever it is). Hold on affected area of gums/hole in tooth for about 5 minutes; 1 minute may be all you can stand at first because I can assure this hurts, thigh when in major tooth pain it is DEFINITELY worth enduring a few minutes for permanent relief...anyway, I did this 1x for maybe 10-15 min at night, woke up with a larger swelling on jaw (inflammation means it's doing its job) but little pain, then repeated in morning for another 10-15, then again that night (so 24 hours), this time holding it there as long as I could. Probably 30 minutes, which turned out to be a mistake because I burned the inside of my mouth, but I was 100\% imfection/abscess free! I can't exacting say pain free because of the mouth burn (oops...okay, I went in a little over-zealous, but I wanted the TERRIBLE pain GONE!!! I'm no wimp, either. Broke my neck and have permanent pain from that.), but my tooth was fixed for good. Some report nasty discharge from abscess, but I didn't have any.

Joseph Again

I wanted to add to my comment /remedy - 1) I hope some find this helpful but I apologize if this isn't exactly in the right place. Exposed nerves and infections/abscesses are 3 different things, but I assume this will be useful to many and it works so well so quickly that I feel it is still appropriate. I had both.

2) This in no way replaces going to see a qualified professional. The cause of the infection/abscess will still be there, so one must make plans as soon as can be arranged/afforded to have the tooth fixed; likely root canal or extraction. Tooth infections can spread, which is potentially FATAL. This remedy is intended as temporary relief from unbearable pain to buy time for really fixing the problem.


I have done this, it really works! The pain never came back!

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