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Try this at YOUR OWN RISK grab salt water very salty heat it up and take a golp hold it where the pain is then right away spit it out and do the same with very cold water it will hurt you will feel a crack or pop your tooth will crack killing the nurve and instant relief

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I tried this it was super painful but didn't work :(

no more pain!!!!!!

This sounds scary till the pain really gets unbearable. Then you'll try anything i'm proff.i just did this with really hot and very salty water swishing around the tooth till i couldn't take it anymore i spit that out and took a big gulp of ice water and held it on the tooth slightly swishing till i felt the pop.the pain was very intense but momentary then i was in absolutely no PAIN.....THANK YOU SO MUCH.


How hot does the water need to be


The water doesn't need to be extremely hot just as much as you can handle I've seen doing this for years it works.
Don't boil the water and burn yourself if it's to hot add some cold water


Do this really work


How does this work and what's the pop?


When you kill the nerve, you will now need a root canal. So, if you don't need a root canal, DO NOT DO THIS.


Once the nerves dead no more pain right? Lol and I wonder if this will work on wisdom teeth..?


I used minced garlic, sea salt, sunflower oil, and parsley. Mixed with steaming hot water a tried to let the garlic sit on the nerve.. Super potent but only thing that worked for me. Been running my mouth and head under cold water for 2 hours every other minute. Friend left he couldn't bare it anymore. I'm in amazement over this!


Someone tell me if this really works

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