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I am confused. I've read so much about how acv turns warts white but mine are not. I leave on the acv good skin is irritated and turned red/brown but absolutely no change to the warts. Does anyone else experience what I am? The doc confirmed I have GW and gave me Aldara. I've tea tree oil and it inflammed the least some reaction there. But the two pimple size warts and more raised are in awkward areas near my anus entry that it may be that the cotton ball/acv I'd getting moved when I sleep and shift around. I know bandaid don't help keep things in place - seems medical tape is best for me but not perfect. Any input??

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My strategy has cured 32 genital wart sufferers inclusing myself.The first strategy is that you must boost your immune by taking vitamin c,2 garlic pills daily,a clove of fresh garlic and ginger.other strategies are volumes and cant be able to write them now.send to my box so i can forward to


All that seems good but what really works well with out the burning of acv is peroxide because basically GW is bacteria well peroxide kills bacteria get some tissue and pour it on the affected area and it Will turn white and fizz use cute tip on area that's hard to reach do this twice a day for two weeks they will harden up and break off and what is. under the warts wash with anti-bacteria soap and do the same with tissue or cute tips should do the trick just check up with your doctor after warts are gone.

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