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$1 !!!This is the BEST and cheapest. I got a fungus from a pedicure. My friend does acrylic nails and told me this cure (not the medicines).
Scrap under your nail as far back as you can, you'll be surprised how far under the nail you'll go. Get a container that your foot will fit in. Pour in Hydrogen Peroxide just to cover your nail. Put your foot in and push your toe skin to try to get the peroxide up under the nail. Soak for 15 min in the morning and at night. I even put a towel under to tilt the container for just my toe. It may take a week or two - but will be GONE!! to not return. $1 !!!

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Does it hurt?


Agreed. Does it hurt?


What are you using as a container that will fit your foot and wet only the infected nail. Example please:

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