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I have suffered from boils and abcesses on multiple occasions. It is one of the most uncomfortable and painful experiences a person can go threw. I have tried so many of these remedies and I wish I could say they worked for me aswell but the truth is.. many did not;( I do have a remedy that does work a 100% of the time and there is videos on you tube showing this method works. Please give it a try. Its free so no need to run out and buy anything!
Step 1:: Get a glass bottle
2:: Warm the bottle in hot water on the stove. Bring to a boil and remove.
Remember its warm so use a towel to hold. Empty all water out.
3:: Place bottle open over head or soft spot making sure you got a good seal.
4. Tap it lightly until the boil bursts inside the bottle. Ahh;) Instant Relief!

Promise it works!! If it is in a hard to reach area you will need help. And when you go to pull off it will be slightly suckened on so don't panic that's a good sign you did it right! && Best part no mess the bottle causes it to be drawn inside of it..

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I'm certainly going to to try this remedy today, as I am suffering from a boil right now!


OMG it do work thank you


I have boils all the time and I'm only 16. I've had 5 within a month. I have no clue how to get rid of them, my mom says squeeze them but there's only so much pain I can take. the last one I had, I took 2 showers every day. I put part of an onion on them, hot hot water and sea salt. and on the 3rd of July my brother wanted a picture of his car, so I got out and started to take this picture, blood was running down my leg so when I got home the boil had busted and my legs was covered in blood, it wasn't that painful when it busted it was more like a relief. and now, I have another coming up and it's the 8th of July. that's how fast I get them. not the mention their on my right butt.


You should go to a dermatologist and get it diagnosed to make sure it's in fact just a boil or it could be Hydradenitis Suppurativia aka acne inversion. I had my first case of it around 15 and I am now turning 30 and I get it from time to time. It started off on my buttocks then under my breast and then my armpits. I've had surgery under my armpits to remove excessive sweat glands. I really hope you don't have this but you should really see a dermatologist to be sure they are just boils.


I'm going to try this because I have a boil right now an it hurts to walk in only 15 an I've been getting them sense i would about 11 an I get them every month I don't know what causes it But that sure do hurt like shit an not to mention But it is right in my vagina An it hurts to walk or sit down


I ave on the size of a golf ball on my private bits and I can wal or sit its way to sore to touch can anyone help me plz


What type of bottle was used to burst the boil?


I really hope this works! I'm actually fixing to try it right now.... Honestly I get them all over.... right now I've got one the size of a nipple on the fatty part of my arm.... boils are so embarrassing, we all know what people relate them to.... but that's not always the case.... but like the above girl said, I get them quick sometimes up to 7 or 8 at a time. ... then they'll all go away for a brief time then right back.... I normally don't bother them as I to have dealt with this issue since my early teens (27 now). The only reason I'm messing with this is because it's huge and very painful if it rubs against my clothes. ... oh my I hope this works, if it does I'll update my info to let everyone know.... sorry for being so discriptive, I know it seems groase (and it is), but I really am excited about this method.... only problem I am supposed to let the bottle cool some right?!


Update: Still doing it nothing has happened yet.... I even put and still have it on, right after pulling it out of the pot! (Painful).... am I needing to let the bottle cool? How am I supposed to tap it from the bottom? Does it matter? How long does it need to stay on? Plz someone help

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