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I have suffered from boils and abcesses on multiple occasions. It is one of the most uncomfortable and painful experiences a person can go threw. I have tried so many of these remedies and I wish I could say they worked for me aswell but the truth is.. many did not;( I do have a remedy that does work a 100% of the time and there is videos on you tube showing this method works. Please give it a try. Its free so no need to run out and buy anything!
Step 1:: Get a glass bottle
2:: Warm the bottle in hot water on the stove. Bring to a boil and remove.
Remember its warm so use a towel to hold. Empty all water out.
3:: Place bottle open over head or soft spot making sure you got a good seal.
4. Tap it lightly until the boil bursts inside the bottle. Ahh;) Instant Relief!

Promise it works!! If it is in a hard to reach area you will need help. And when you go to pull off it will be slightly suckened on so don't panic that's a good sign you did it right! && Best part no mess the bottle causes it to be drawn inside of it..

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Thanks for the remedy that works for you! How do you know when its ready for this treatment?


First hot water may shatter a glass bottle and how do u put hot glass on your skin


My teenage son came to me last night to show me this boil/abscess so I googled and came accross this remedy/suggestion. We tried it today and ....omg!!! It actually worked! I didn't even boil the water all the way. I was scared the glass would break :) as soon as took the bottle out of the pot I touched the tip to make sure it was not too hot for his skin. It wasn't so I placed it on the area for only about 5-10 seconds and sure enough ..... It opened up just enough to realease the pus :/ (I know yuk!) but I really wanted to share it because it really worked. Fast, easy, painless. Thanks !!!! He's happy now


Thank you this really works, tried it, what a relief ahhhh!


what kinda bottle do yiu use ?


This sounds like it may just work!! Thanx


Just trying this now for the last 10 minutes for a stubborn and deep abscess. So far, this method is providing good relief, no bursting yet. Will keep dong this.

I hit upon an improvisation that may help people who are not trying this for fear of breaking the glass. I filled a large ceramic mug 1/4 of the way with water, put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, emptied the water, tested the cup, and then applied. Works great.

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