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I'm only 14 years of age but last year I had gotten a plantar wart on the side of my toe. I wasn't quite sure what it was when I first got it so I had left it for a week but as it developed it started gradually becoming more and more painful. It would rub against my other toe and cause pain (making it hard to do daily activities) & also made my toe seem a weird shape. So I decided to try and fix it myself. I had scratched the skin covering the wart and discovered all the roots inside. With a pair of tweezers I pulled them out. It did bleed a little but I did it slowly and over a course of 2 days, and the next day it was completely gone.

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I did this same thing to a wart on the bottom of my foot. I was gone for at least 10 years, it's just starting to come back.


Many years ago I had a wart on my foot and I picked at it and once I picked off the small black bit in the center (it bled a lot) it was gone within days. Gross and a little painful, but quite effective.


I used colloidal silver mixed with sea salt in a spray bottle, 3 days and it's permanently gone.


Those are not roots, they are blood vessels that feed the should NOT pick them out. When I was 12, my mom's friend told me to pick out the roots and "seeds" with tweezers. By the time I went to the doctor 3 months later, it had spread into 82 small warts on the sole of my foot, with the main one being very deep. Five freezing treatments and it hurt like mad. And they keep coming back, 30 years later.

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