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So my tooth broke by chewing bubble gum it was one of my back molars and now there is an exposed nerve hurts when cold and hot hits it like a stabbing pain does not feel good at all, i'm guessing the tooth was already decaying and i did not realize it,So I have to wait few months to see my dentist so what i have been doing to ease the pain is take crest toothpaste it's called mint chocolate trek and putting it inside the hole of my tooth then i take a small piece of cotton and just stick it in on top so the toothpaste stays in there i know it's kinda gross to taste the toothpaste but it is worth it because the pain is unbearable it might work with other toothpastes but i only had the crest mint chocolate trek one,also i usually change it after i eat a meal so the piece of cotton doesn't get all gross and it has been working good so far,I thought i would share it maybe it could help someone else who has the same problem

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What would I do if I had gum disease and it hurts badly


Omg this totally worked! I have not felt relief in days but this worked immediately! Thanks for your tip!

Charley girl

It doesn't kill the pain completely but I could possibly get some sleep. thanks alot😁 great recommendation!! I'm so happy that I bought mint chocolate trek at Walgreen's for a dollar just for the heck of it,(clearance) then kept it for guest after I wasn't feeling the taste with brushing.go figure It just happened to be the only home remedy I actually had at home.


Does it have to be mint chocolate trek? Lol


I used plain old Crest, and a small wad of tissue paper. Got the tissue damp with warm water, put the toothpaste directly on the broken area of the tooth, packed tooth with the tissue. No air etc can get to the exposed root. INSTANT relief. Takes Pain chart from a 10-2. Should bide you time to get to a dentist, my appointment still 2 days out.

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