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I've only suffered with AC for about 2 weeks. I tried several things as most people have. I knew that if something was going to work, I would be able to tell that it was 'helping' in less than a day, so I quickly moved from one treatment to the next staying as close to natural as possible. What finally worked--a high quality flora supplement from the health food store and Burts Bees lip balm. I took flora twice a day and within 2 days it was almost completely gone. I had been using the Burts Bees alone with no results but I think it helps by keeping the sore from getting too dry. I do not buy the 'contamination' theory. I believe it's a 'compromised immune system' thing (since I have recently taken antibiotics which messes with the flora in your gut).

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I totally agree with you, I just recently got off antibiotics and then my ac flaired up again! Now to get rid of it! I haven't delt with this in a long time, but reminded now how painful and annoying it is!


I'm sure that taking probiotics is the key, especially after a round of antibiotics have decimated your intestinal flora. The probiotics will give your immune system a big boost and allow your body to take care of the problem. There are many good probiotic formulas available over the counter. Using a good lip balm or even petroleum jelly or argan oil helps protect your mouth while the cracks heal.

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