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I just found out I had genital warts when I got pregnant. My doctor said being pregnant caused them to become visual and get bigger . I have not tried any treatment yet cause I don't know what would be safe for the baby . It's actually stressing me out so soon I will try the ACV treatment the only thing is I haven't found a way to tell my partner yet ...

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For hpv men are carriers and unless there's gw they don't know they have it, there is no test for men like the pap women have so I wouldn't feel bad about it. If I were you I'd just make sure it wasn't cancer and one thing people dont tell you is hpv goes away hy itself, just stay healthy get check UPS and you'll be fine.


I just posted this odd therapy option for another person on this site. I cannot personally attest to this, but you may want to research this on your own. I found a site that many people swear that, using your own urine on stubborn warts kills them due to the high acidity level of your urine, even those who tried apple cider vinegar to no avail, say that using their own urine did the trick. I cannot think of a more natural remedy to try than that! Good luck. I know it sounds gross and crazy but it's worth a try!


Drink tons of water.
Eat very healthy.
Try duct tape.
Use apple cinder vinegar.
Meditate and relax.
Try Newtons wart homopathetic at your local health food store.
Exercise daily.
Learn how to boost your immune center.

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