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After taking Metronizole non-stop and over the counter yeast treatments to counteract effects of metronizole and now deadly allergic to metronizole I had enough and found my own cure!
Daily intake for treatment:
800 mg folic acid
4000 IU vitamin D
4 billion acidophilus 2 times daily
(In AM with vitamins then before bed)
Before bed using a plastic syringe do a 30ML flush of pure hydrogen peroxide
I have been BV free ever since, and my OBGYN wanted to know what my remedy was so they could pass this knowledge on seeing how often I was going and seeing them.

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Metronidazole is for yeast vaginitis not bacterial vaginitis. So taking it for BV won't solve the problem. I am glad you found something to help you with your BV symptoms.


Did this help u with the thick discharge? And did the hydrogen poroxid dry u out at all. I have been wanting to try it but have been scared. Did u dilute it at all


Sorry yourbesthealth4life, you are mistaken. You have it reversed. metronidazole is most certainly the antibiotic Rx for BV, not an antifungal


The anti fungal for yeast infections is miconazole, very similar name to the antibiotic.


im looking right at it the metro is for bv..!!!


I think she was taking the yeast infection medicine because the frequent antibiotic she was taking caused yeast infection. As antibiotics are known to do.


Lucy for how long did you do this?

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