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I have been getting boils under armpits, my front girl parts, under my breast, and between butt cheeks since i was in grade school. I found that different methods work for different areas. For armpits, I changed my deodorant from secret to degree for women. As I got older i switched back to secret. I make sure that I wipe the deodorant off entirely before bed and shave every few days. Sometimes i can get away without wearing deodorant at all. For my front girl parts I find that taking showers and focusing on that area works best. What I mean is (and this might sound disgusting for some people) you get a washcloth and wash the area a few times outside and inside, smelling your washcloth in between rinses lol. When I smell nothing but soap, I know that I am clean. But when I am on my monthly, I take nothing but baths. It is too much going on down there, I feel cleaner soaking. Plus, it helps with back pain and cramps. Under my breast, I found that baby powder helps a lot and sometimes during the summer, I place party liners in my bra. It helps keep me dry. Now for the bum. This is by far the worst pain I have ever experienced. I had so many that I have lost count when was younger. When i got older , they only came about every two years. I was sent to the ER at least 3 times because of these boils. I have been dealing with one that came last weekend. The pain was excruciating. I developed a fever also. I have been running hot bath water and taking pain killers until it came to a head. It took about 24 hours. Last night I place a HOT washcloth between my buttcheeks about 3 times before i went sleep. This morning I wobbled and limped to CVS and purchased some gauze pads and ichthammol ointment and BC powder. I feel this works better any other reliever when it comes to boils and toothaches. When i got home to dress the wound, the boil had exploded. It was the most disgusting and satisfying thing i ever saw. I place the ointment gauze on the wound and it gave me instant relief. Later, I will get in a hot bath with Epson salt and soak, then dress the wound again. I really hope this helps someone because it brought me to tears last night. it was so painful that I miss church with my kids yesterday on Mother's day. My advice to make sure that you stay DRY DRY DRY. I believe it comes from moisture. Like sweat, leakage/discharge. Use baby powder, pantyliners and keep wipes and dry tissue with you wherever you go. Good luck guys.

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Hi poor suffere.I m sorry to hear about your pain and discomfort.I am also suffering from HS for about 7 years now,I have also tried every rememdy,and advise....So last week I bought Pevaryl oitment by the chemist..And I am happy to inform you that it works!It dries out the boil,and you will notice the relieve in a day..and the boil drying out in 2 days.I live in SA.I hope you can find it where you are living!God bless!


SA being San Antonio? Where did you get it??


Sounds like you might have Hydradenitis Supurativa.


Try switching deodorant to spray it doesn't clog pores like the stick


to 'tryitandsee': what a nasty situation you have. But your story was
very nice and clear and enthusiastic. I for one appreciate all your information and help you gave us. I wish you a boil free life, but if it isn't, I know you are tough enough to handle it. and I will keep your advice close at hand. Thanks again for your help.


Thank you so much for your story and advice. I read it while I was getting lanced. The pain was so intense. Now I'm just super sore. It is still swollen and feels tender. I had something come out when it was being squeezed. It was like a ball of something. As soon as it was gone I felt instant relief. Shakey and lightheaded, but it was like something my body didn't want was gone.

I have kept it covered with neosporin and have done ice throughout the day. I'm concerned on a bath, just due to infection. I don't want to ever have this again.

Btw- how have you felt since you wrote this?

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