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I just successfully removed my plantar wart that has been there for more than 4 years so I thought I share my tip, hope it would help.

I have tried Compound W freezer and it did not help at all. I went to have my plantar wart removed (surgery) and it came back just within 1 week (that's because the wart is the result of a virus-HPV and I probably have a weak immune system). At this point, I just learn to live with it. However, it gets dirty so I bought the Dr. Scholl's padding roll just to cover it up (normal band aid felt right off because it can't stick)-for the sole purpose of not getting the wart dirtier than it already is. I started to wear Nike shoes because it adds more cushion instead of wearing flat sole shoes.

After 2-3 months, I notice that whenever I changed the pad on my feet, it peels the wart off little by little (I guess you can compare it to the duck-tape method). And about 4 Months later, the wart is completely gone!! I am just in joy right now because my feet has never felt so alive!!

Also note that I don't change the pad everyday! I left it on as long as it lasts (even after shower, if it still sticks, I left it there). I know this is not the cleanest/most sterile way to do it but I learn that the longer it stays on, the more (of the wart) it peels off. So it might gets smelly but bear with it.

Just thought to share it with you. This method is probably the laziest because you dont have to wait or soak your feet or do anything. Just leave the pad on, wear thick sole shoes, change the pad once every 2-3 days and wait for the magic. I hope it works on yours too.

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I used colloidal silver mixed with sea salt in a spray bottle, 3 days and it's permanently gone. No pain or scarring, simple to apply and highly effective. I'd highly recommend using this technique!!


It's 3:00am and I'm in pain. Every morning, I'm in pain. I have this roll of which you speak on my foot. Heck, didn't even realize it was on there, it feels like I didn't have anything. It sure stays on pretty good. I did get the freezing, razor blade, and stuff. Hopefully, with the roll like you say it will work. I'm so tired of being in pain, and not being able to walk properly.

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