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A lot o people may call me crazy but this is the honest to God truth. This evening, I suffered a SEVERE panic attack more severe than any I have ever had. I was medicated years ago because of really bad panic attacks. The medication made me feel awfull and actually made it worse instead of better. I later learned that this happens a lot and is extremely dangerous and detrimental.I quit taking the medication after a month and refuse to even consider taking it again. You see I am fortunate to only suffer panic attacks from severe tramma in my life. Before when I had panic attacks was due to the father of my children sneaking around my house where he was prohibited from being due to severe abuse, and in addition to sneaking around my house, he would pound on my window at night or in early early morning like at dawn and threaten my life and my fiance's life.
I remember when I quit taking the medication, I resorted to reading favorite passages in the Bible. I also did a lot of praying. It took a long time, but they finally eased up and then stopped.

Now tonight's attack was very easy to understand the cause of. Our house burnt down one year ago. On May 6th to be exact. I was extremely ill and alone in the house when it started burning. I got out to our street in time to turn and watch the fire engulf the room I had been in less than a minute before. And it has been stated it was started on purpose with the intention I not get out alive. And tonight I walked out to our backyard to see huge flames shooting skyward. Of course I panicked but quickly found out it was my fiance burning branches and no threat to the house or me or anyone else. However, I could barely stand up I was shaking and kept shaking so badly. So, I got on my computer and did a search for home remedy's.The search led me here and after reading the first 2 Remedy's, I was no longer shaking or feeling any panic or anything. The attack was gone completely.So, I submit my story and the Remedy is this website and all your informative submissions to it. Thank you all for the information and or the help you all provided for me.
I would be interested to see if anyone else has done the same and how this worked for them.

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