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Iam 27 n have been dealing with BV for a year now. I have been with the same partner for 2yrs. But we both, have Gential herpes. We caught it from different ppl. Now that Iam always having personal problems it's not easy dealing with a outbreak n BV. I NEED HELP!!! I have tried the vitamin c with rose hip n the vinegar remedies but nothing's helping. I have been to my OBGYN n he gave me antibiotics. It will help only for the time I was on them, soon as I finish the prescription it will come back. Can someone please help!

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aloe vera is good for out break just blend it and drink it for 7 days and your out break will not appear so frequent


U should try a product called Femanol. It's pricey but it does work and it is worth it.

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