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After every sex session with my ex, I would get bv. I tried a lot of the remedies and they never really worked for me. I went to my OBGYN and she told me that after he and I have sex to put in a tampon for 30 minutes to absorb all the fluids. Well it seemed to work for me, hope my remedy works for more women too.

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I don't know if your doc mentioned this but BV as well as some of the other vaginitis can be passed back and forth between sex partners, just like STDs, if both partners aren't treated. I hope you have resolved the issue but something to think about if you haven't.


No it can't. Where do people get that misconception from?


Eh-hem to the poster of the second comment: 'What causes this bacterial imbalance isn't exactly known, but there seems to be some evidence that it can be a sexually transmitted disease.' Refer to the Everydayhealth website on BV since I can't embed the link.

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