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geneva greene

I have problems with my ears all my life, even end up with a tumor in my head because of an ear infection at 14, lost my memory and pareliced completely for awhile and one in my left ear at around 23 and after that I started using rubing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, directions; use one of the caps from eather the alcohol or the peroxide and fill the cap with half alcohol and half peroxide, make sure you have a rag and a couple cue tips,then lay on the bed and poor half of it in your ear and pull your ear lope up so in will go in deep, then lay the rag over your ear and let it soak and bubble real goodwhen it stops bubbling or al most then roll over and let drain out and then stand up , wipe ear and then lightly use cue tips, don't go in to deep it will or could cause ear bleeding or hurt your ear drum, now this works for ear infection and build up was, if your ear isn't clogged and draining and smells then do this once and then keep ear dry as can be and keep ear plugs in your ears when taking a shower or anything to do with water at night put a cotton ball in your ear after a week your ear should be better if not then the infection is deeper then it should be so go see an ent doctor, if your ear is build up with wax then clean your ear with the directions I gave you every six months if clogged real bad the first time you try this then use the directions I gave you and then turn around and lay back down and use the other half cap of alcohol and peroxide and redo the directions again and then clean every six months, this really helps a lot , I have been doing for years and it helps me and I did it with my son sense he was 4 years old and he is almost 24 now and he never had an ear infection and hes been on his own for six years and still haven't had a problem with his ears

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