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I wet the bed as a child and I do not think anything would have helped as I was just a deep sleeper and grew out of it in my early teens. I went on to adopt two kids and swore they would never be told of for wetting their beds. My solution was to make very little of it with the help of investing in 2 fully platic specialist mattereses, similar to the ones you find in caravan holiday camps. Basically no offensive smells in the bedrooms, just strip the beds and wash down with shampoo ect I found that the products on the market were useless to prevent mattresses being ruined. Plastic covers not working effectively and difficult to wash. The mattress cost £70.00 each from the internet and when the kids no longer needed them I gave them away on freecycle to a mum who appreciated them. Therefore another generation of children avoiding the useless pointless repremands for bedwetting, Result.

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