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1 more athletes foot story, its long.

Cured my athletes foot? 3 years of painful fissures under my toes and between, Itching and scaley rashy redness. I was so depressed, it affected my whole life and I had a new baby to worry about to boot. Seriously, ain't nobody got time for this sh!t. It started during my pregnancy when I had to take a ton of powerful broad spectrum antibiotics ( staph infection, followed by, c. Diff from the first round of antibiotics) just itching at first, then full blown bleeding cuts. At first I tried tinactin, econazole, acv pills, pau de arco, fungi stop, neem oil, colloidal silver so many things I cannot remember, and many more, NOPE, then lamisil cream which worked for a week then came back despite still using it. Then i went online and discovered acv soaks every night and morning for weeks, relieved the itching, but dried my skin so badly. (Meanwhile, constantly buying new socks and washing them in bleach hot water and new shoes all of the time $$$$, multiple dermatologists) Then tea tree oil, gave me blisters, maybe some kind of dermatitis. Then did a capful of bleach in a gallon of water ( every other day the bleach soaks) followed by monistat 3, it has miconazole nitrate 4%, with foot powder in my socks, this helped heal my skin, but didn't cure the problem. The dermatologist finally prescribed Ketoconazole cream, this I used religiously for 2 years morning and night and gave up all the other remedies. This stuff cleared up all of my symptoms and made my feet beautiful again, tho I knew it was still there. Maybe I have Candida, during this time I tried The Body Ecology Diet(which actually did cure my friends athletes foot) with the ketoconazole cream, I physically felt better and was 'regular' again lol. But when I stopped using the cream, after about a week it started to itch and I would see little spots starting to form again. I found this stuff called Lufenuron on I bought 2 treatments worth and decided I was going to stop using the cream and when my fungus came back, I would take that and only that to rid my body of fungus. So I stopped using the cream and after about 7 days, I noticed skin beginning to peel-under one toe. And started feeling the pricking sensation of new spots forming and I grabbed some oregano oil (I had some that I was taking orally during the body ecology diet) and I rubbed a drop or 2 on my affected toes, and felt relief. Now it has been 2 weeks of just using the oregano oil and my feet are perfect! Morning and night still and every other night I rub coconut oil all over both feet and sleep with socks.
What has worked: diluted bleach soaks with Montostat 3 (miconazole nitrate 4%) and foot powder. Or
Ketoconazole 2x pr day. Or
Oregano oil 2x/day and coconut oil every other day

Best tips:

ALWAYS SLEEP WITH SOCKS AND ALWAYS USE RUBBER GLOVES WHEN TOUCHING YOUR FEET!! Gloves are about $20 for 400 @ Costco. I hope this helps someone

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