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In regard to using cornstarch for baby powder: yes, that does work, but the caution is that it should not be used when there is already a rash present. If the rash is caused by an organism, such as a fungus, the cornstarch provides an ideal culture, and cause the organism to multiply. Some commercial baby powders have cornstarch in them, so read the labels.

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I have to diagree with this. I only use cornstarch when the rash is present. I have used this on both my daughters, my oldest now 4, and younest now 2. And I have never had any outbreaks of any kind by using it. My youngest is currently suffering from a severe diaper rash. Using cornstarch is the only comfort she get! The only suggestion I can make with all these remedies is everyones skin is different. Try just a little of everything til you find what works for your child.

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