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A couple weeks back i noticed a tiny bump but didn't think to much of it, a little bit later i noticed more and more appearing. Embarresed and so confused i finally plucked up the courage to ask a doctor after hoping and praying that they would be skin tags. Confirming my worst suspicions they were intact genital warts. The unhelpful doctor said basically i need buy a $400 cream which probably won't work or live with them i started searching for natural remedies.

The first one i came across was the apple cider vinegar (ACV)and i have to say it worked wonders. First off you should shower or take a bath i would recommend a bath just because it will calm you and its good to thoroughly clean the area. Next up i soaked cotton pads that are usually for removing nail polish in the ACV and placed them in the various regions where warts had appeared. To keep them from moving and keep the moisture, i got a pair of my tog bottoms and put them one while the soaked pads were in place.

It has a weird burning sensation but you really just have to cop it and its best to do it over night if you can. The next morning i showered and to sooth the area I rubbed in some coconut oil. Once i got home from work i did the same thing (bath and ACV) but it was to painful this time so i just left it on for an hour and did the coconut oil for the next few days.

The day after there were huge improvements, a few had gone away, some with a white head and some with a brown black head which shortly fell off. I kept doing the coconut oil daily and so far no return.

I feel really bad if your know having to deal with this situation but it can be solved don't worry so just hang in there :)

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I'm still a little nervous about using the ACV. Will it scar the area once the warts turn black and fall off? My warts are right by the anus area and I'm afraid of the pain if I have a bowel movement or I might wipe in that area and cause pain or scarring.


I used the same treatment! I used tree tea oil instead of coconut oil, it works amazing! Stick to the treatment, they will come off. There will be slight discoloring in the area where the wart existed but with time that just goes away. There will be pain! Sadly the acid is burning the skin but anything to get rid of them!


Hi i have recently found owt i have genital warts near my anus and pubic area does acv work coz ive been getting freezing treatment so far not working would really like to get rid of them..... how long does the burning feeling last for???? Some1 plz help


Hi. I recently found out that i have GW inside the folds. About 3-4 bumps and i thot its normal yet im worried if it is and i checked on the internet it looks like a wart so now im so worried coz its embarrassing to consult a doc. Would like to ask if ACV can be used too inside the folds near the urinary meatus area? Please help :(

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