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I burned my fingertips this evening and they were very painful quickly they began to blister I had made the mistake of putting Ice on my burns. Then, I tried cool water, it seemed to work much better when I used running water but it was still painful and, was even less practical. Then I tried vinegar, worked well but only while finges submirsed and instantly coming back when I took them out. I'm at my parents house which isn't very well stocked i.e. no aloe, tea tree oil, bandaids, honey, chapstick. I had no idea what to do, I read a lot on the internet came across mustard. I was very sceptical and, overlooked it multiple times but, I had nothing else. Used dijon mustard on small 2nd degree burns on my fingers instant relief! Next time I burn myself cool water and vingear to cool it down then mustard. Works very well!

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