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I recently discovered I have GW, however, my partner does not, how I know this is because I was exposed to it a year ago when my exbf contracted it by cheating on me, thus ending our relationship. My current bf of 4 months has nothing thus far and I'm really upset about this because my OBGYN told me I was fine and that I could go on about my life that she suspected my body fought the virus off now here I am a year later with a break out and I've been using tea tree oil which hasn't been doing much about keeping them gone. So I looked up a remedy dealing with alcohol, 17% salicylic acid, and ether.... being a female I know the pain of giving birth naturally and this is worse. But it instantly starts killing it... I just started this 2 days ago and I'm going to stop because after reading all of this I don't think it's going to work and I plan on going in to my OBGYN for the vaccine and treatment I was just wondering if there are any women out there that have completely cleared this out and it's stayed gone for at least a year?

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Hi i too had gone to a OBGYN and found out that i had contracted Genital warts from my ex and had my wart freezed off and told that i should be fine and this was almost 15 years ago. I have recently been to see an OBGYN at Planned Parenthood and was told i dnt have any symtoms or signs of gential warts But i have recently researched and found that i still have warts very upset

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