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I was diagnosed with GH on Wednesday, three days after suffering with a large sore that was infected. Obviously felt very upset/ ashamed about it and tried a couple of things to ease it like aloe vera gel or propolis. I've found that having a nice soak in epsom salt and then applyong 'lysine topical coldsore ointment' (available from holland and barret) really sooths them. Been trying to keep myself dry down there so a hairdryer on low heat does the trick.

Also ladies if you're also dreading going to the toilet I'd reccomend buying a 'she-wee' (designed for festivals etc)- having a wee in the bath also helps but that's not always possible!!

It's Friday now and the sores have spread a bit to inbetween my bumcheeks which is uncomfortable to sit but it's defintely easing off!

Best of luck, chin up & don't beat yourself up about it, it's no different to being prone to coldsores!

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It's now tuesday and I can wee without any pain and am all healed up in just under a week :)

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