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Miguel H.

I recently got blepharitis, maybe about 2 months ago, I tried using hydrogen peroxide and it got worse. I then looked up some remedies online and found a few that said taking fish oil pills helped. So I was thinking and bam! It hit me, what if I opened up a fish oil pill and applied the liquid to my bottom eyelid, where my blepharitis was located. Well I tried applying some right before sleep that same day and in the morning it looked about 80% better. Amazing! It has been maybe 3 days since I started applying the Omega 3 fatty acids directly to the infected area and it looks about 99% better now. I apply it at night before sleep and in the morning. It seems to be working, so hopefully it works for you too! I use Nature Made Fish Oil One Per Day Liquid Softgel pills. These were the ones I found in my medicine cabinet. Don't know if other brands work. The only side effect I have is the smell of the liquid, it smells fishy. Any ways hope this helps other people the way it helped me.

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I followed your advice and in two days 90\% better! Thanks for sharing!


I am trying it tonight. I am in a horrible flare, away from home on business in a hotel and want to scream. But I have fish oil pills so I am trying it now.


I'd love to try this, but eyes smelling fishy is quite a trade off. Not sure I'm ready for that


I tried it, and was surprised how much my eye lid looked after a day and no 'fish smell'.

I applied a warm compress on my eye a few times.

Then I used an Omega 3 capsule (bought a bottle of 30 capsules from the 99 Cent store). I used a needle and punctured a hole in it and used a DROP to apply to my lid. I swallowed the capsule after wards (it's sake).

The fish oil is working Inside and Out! No smell with a drop, and it's at night when you are sleeping and the morning HOT shower cleans the skin and the eye lids.

I stopped using it and the condition came back., so this is a daily routine.

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