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I use diet to control my Hidradenitis Suppurativa, have you ever heard of eating only raw foods as a way of controlling outbreaks? I was diagnosed recently while pregnant with my first child, antibiotics did nothing for me so I researched the net for alternative treatments and found sites such as this and also another great site called which is definitely worth checking out too as it had loads of great info.

On the site I read that diets that are around 80-90% consistent of raw foods are extremely effective in controlling outbreaks. Anyway I felt like I had tried so many other things so I thought whats the worst that could happen? It may be too soon to tell but I started the diet and sure enough I’m over 6 month symptom free, I am now in the process of testing what foods bring on outbreaks etc so I can reincorporate as many foods as possible back into my diet.

Anyway I hope this helps

Good luck!

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