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Well ladies this is my first post of any kind ever on the internet of a remedy or suggestion. Really my first post on the internet of any kind other than on facebook. I guess my point is I really wouldn't take the time to do this unless its seriously has worked. I'm now 33 years old, and I have suffered with this since my early twenties. It has been such a nightmare and so embarrassing and so frustrating. 6 months ago I bought a bottle of 500 mg vitamin C with rose hips vitamins at Walgreens. I inserted vaginally two vitamins. It was not comfortable or added any discomfort or any irritation whatsoever. I was so shocked that literally it was an instant result that the smell was gone! I have you used two more vitamins within the six monthes once!!! I'm married so therefore I do have a very very active sex life. so if you do suffer from this you already know what I'm talking about and how awful and embarrassing it can be. Our sex life actually has increased tremendously without any of the hesitations that I used to real. I'm so so happy! I feel I finally have found something that will work long term! I truly hope it can help you guys the way it has for me! Good luck ladies!

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Hello Ladies, i am so happy i found this thread. I have been suffering from this off and on for about 4 years now since my daughter was born. Going to regular doctors, Obgyn Specialist, all they say is to change this, change that, antibiotics etc and it goes away but keeps coming back. Today i discovered this and as soon as i could i gathered all my items together and started this cleanse. I'm praying this works for me and all you ladies. I bought the probiotic, I inserted 2 of the vitamin c's but before all that i flushed with the apple vinegar cider and water which did burn me a little but i could see it cleaning it out. I also took the vitamin D, folic acid, im willing to try anything with faith this will work. I too feel so embarrased with my husband whom is very understanding but sometimes i push him away because im so self-consious of the way it smells etc. I'm sure you ladies know perfectly well what I mean. Question to any of you who have started this a while back, how long do we do the flushes and the insertion of vitamin C for?


How long does it take for the smell to go away after inserting these vitamins?


Thank you so much ! This is my second day trying out the vitamin c and its burning tremendously.I have no smell but lots of discharge out of no where. Im hoping tomorrow its not as bad. I really want to get rid of this.But Idk if I can tuff it out for a week if the burning dosent stop.


I've only had bv for a couple of months, following on from thrush and cystitis where I was given antibiotics. Ever since then, my vaginal ph has been out of sync! I tried a vit c and rosehip tablet as a pessary (a non coated, non chewable type), by pushing it to the top of a tampon with applicator to make sure it was inserted as high up as possible. I did this after bathing and just before bed last night. No burning experienced and I've woken up this morning and the itching and soreness has disappeared. I've had some gushes of odourless white discharge this morning and I no longer feel irritated down there or internally. My bv seems to be the result of semen and or condoms, which also now gets aggravated by my periods. This is a great solution to managing bv. (Can't say if it's cured yet, early days). Thank you all so much for your informative posts! xx

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