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So after reading through many of the submissions here I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I was VERY nervous about the vitamin C thing and thought 'these woman must be nuts!!! Sticking vitamin C in their vagina????' But when I went to CVS and read the ingredients on the probiotic inserts, the very first ingredient was vitaming C. So I said to myself 'what the hell!'. I just couldn't get past the smell of the tea tree oil and imagining how that must feel in my vagina so I said 'no way' to that one! Here is what I did just last night:

Used 1 vinegar & water douche (CVS brand) in the shower then dried off really well.
Took 1 1000mg of vitamin C and cut it in half. Then I put it inside my vagina using my finger and pushed it up as high as I could.
Then I took a tampon and removed the cotton and decided to use the coconut oil (instead of tea tree oil) to 'lube' (lightly) it up in hopes to prevent any burning (I also read on this forum that it was good for the vagina).
Putting the cotton back in the tampon applicator and using the applicator to insert the tampon was a bit tricky due to the slickness from the oil but I managed. And then I rubbed a small amount on the outside of vagina.
I immediately felt clean and fresh!!! Probably mainly due to the douche but the coconut oil kinda made me feel nice as well.
I NEVER felt one tingle, burn, or anything from the vitamin C!!!! Not sure if the coconut oil did it, or putting the tampon in??

I also took 1 800mcg of folic acid (CVS brand) and 1 BV Capsule by VH Essentials (that I had purchased awhile ago that never really did much by itself before?? and they don't seem to have it anymore). I took both pills orally LOL

I kept checking all night for any discharge or smell. NOTHING!!! Woke up this morning and still NOTHING!!! OMG!!!! I can't believe it!!! There is literally no smell at all!


I have been living with this horrible BV secret for so long and always looked for ways to hide it or cover it up! I am not sure how long this cure will last but at least I have today!!!

I have only experienced one other time when I noticed it went away. And that was while spending a week at the beach and for about a week after I got back. I contributed it to the healing elements of the salt water (and chlorine from the pool maybe???) and that I wasn't wearing underwear (bathing suit all day) or exercising as much as I normally would (fitness instructor so I am always in sweaty clothes). I heard a long time ago, that after a yeast infection you should either microwave your panties to kill any bacteria (the washing machine is not enough) or throw them out and get new ones. I plan on buying new panties today since the symptoms seem to be gone! I will try to keep you all posted of my progress. Not sure which element actually did the trick but I plan to continue all 5 again tonight (vinegar/water douche, coconut oiled tampon, vitamin c inserted, folic acid & BV capsules)

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How are things going? Still clean?
I used the ACV douche followed by coconut oil and it worked like wonders.
It's all about the balancing of the Ph down there. ACV does that.

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