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I had a very soar and swollen gum that bothered me all day long. I gargled with hot salt water twice, dipped a teabag in hot water and put that on my gum for a few minutes, and then took an aspirin before going to bed. When I woke up in the morning the pain was gone!! Although still a good idea to go to the dentist!!

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Mandeep bhatia

It works your great u took my pain away


Thank you for for the advice .I'm crying so much because my gum hearts and it actually works well


What can be an alternative for tea bag if I do not have?


Does the teabag thing actually work?

Plus, does it taste bad?


Will any tea bag work?

Avery Sky

Do u have to brush ur teeth after u do this


do you need to add baking soda


Teabag helps, different anti bacterial stuff in teabags.

It doesn't taste bad/strong at all, I had it in my mouth for a few minutes.

I don't know if any teabags help, I used earl grey Pickwick.

Don't brush your teach after, if taste is too much just a quick mouth wash with warm water will do. (preferably not, so the tea extracts and salt can work in on the gums)

The baking soda has the same affect as the salt. So no.

Good luck all of you.



Teeth* not Teach. My mistake :)

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