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I managed to avoid contracting herpes from my husband for approximately four years. We never used protection. He's had it for decades, so he rarely has outbreaks. We live in a subtropical climate and, two summers ago, we had a very humid and rainy spell that lasted two weeks. We did not have tumble drier at the time and I was a bad wifey and wasn't consistently washing his jogging shorts so he'd have to wear damp, dirty ones while training for a marathon. He ended up with bad thrush, which masked the symptoms of a herpes outbreak. Now, I've only had a handful of outbreaks in the past year and half and I find I only get them when my immune system is depressed and/or when we have particularly abrasive intercourse. I've gone from breastfeeding, to pregnant and breastfeeding, to breastfeeding again, so I'm quite dry down there. It helps prevent outbreaks if we use copious amounts of lube. In terms of healing, I just don't do anything. They tend to clear up quite quickly. And when I say 'they', I usually only have one lesion. I am currently experiencing the biggest outbreak to date. I see about three lesions. We've all been man down with the flu and I've been dealing with the stress of sick kids. We had some token sex yesterday (?) and it was so raw and uncomfortable, I'm not surprised I'm covered in blisters today. I'll probably just go panty-less tonight and let them air out. That helps too.

Eat well. Stay hydrated. Rest lots. Stay active.

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