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I have a broken molar with the nerve exposed. Around 5:30 this morning, intense pain woke me up. I took 3 ibuprofen 800mg, which did nothing. I was reading on this site and I found the post about heating up the baking soda. I tried that and used a little bit of warm water to make a paste. I packed the whole with the paste and covered it with a cotton ball and INSTANT RELIEF!! You know like cartoons where it's storming like crazy then all of a sudden it stops with rainbows and unicorns and birds chirping and shit? That's how my life was when I felt the relief. Pain went from a 10 to nothing immediately. May be worth a try to someone and I pray it helps.

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I've had the most excrutiating pain EVER! From a bad tooth with the nerve exposed. I tried everything from the ibuprofen 800s to Excedrin, nothing worked for almost 2 hours. Then I read this post about the baking soda. INSTANT RELIEF!! I made a paste and before I got to full the hole the pain was nearly gone. I can finally sleep. Thanks!


It seems to work with baking powder too...idk if it will last as long , but I was reading this soaking my jaw in the bath tub cause the warm get good. Ran to the kitchen and grabbed baking soda ,then back in tub.....a tiny bit of hot water mixed to make a paste and yes it worked! I've tried all the remedies and thought no way this would work but why not ? It works ! The caps fell off two of my teeth and they are down to the gums ....trying everything to live with pain till I can afford a dentist. Thank you

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