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I have a broken molar with the nerve exposed. Around 5:30 this morning, intense pain woke me up. I took 3 ibuprofen 800mg, which did nothing. I was reading on this site and I found the post about heating up the baking soda. I tried that and used a little bit of warm water to make a paste. I packed the whole with the paste and covered it with a cotton ball and INSTANT RELIEF!! You know like cartoons where it's storming like crazy then all of a sudden it stops with rainbows and unicorns and birds chirping and shit? That's how my life was when I felt the relief. Pain went from a 10 to nothing immediately. May be worth a try to someone and I pray it helps.

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I've been in agony for four days. This helped me so much. Thank you!


Thanks for the help my boyfriend said it helped him and he's been in bad pain for two days and we have tried so many different home remedies to help the pain and this is the first one to actually help


Best toothache remedie on short notice I can find hands down thanks a lot


Works!! I actually felt it hit the nerve and pain just stopped. I had a small hole on the back side of a tooth. I put a glob on the tooth put a cotton ball on it and bit down a bit and it pushed the paste into the hole. I felt that weird 'electrical' feeling you get when a nerve is hit. felt it for a split second and then pain was gone. Thank you very much.


I can not believe it I have just done this and I felt it mega sore for a minute or so then instant relief ! Omg I think it may gave just worked !! Thank you ! Lyndsy from Scotland !!


How long do you leave ball in for

'Bout to pull my own tooth out...

This remedy is EVERYTHING!It really works!!! Just mix up a lil bit of water with the baking soda into a paste and microwave for like 5 seconds. I just dabbed it around my whole tooth area that has an exposed nerve after my filling fell out. It tastes nasty but, maaaaannnnn it's a lifesaver; works instantly. I can finally get some rest tonight. Thanks sooo much for this!


Holy crap! It works great! Taste awful but the pain is gone for a while! I have a deep cavity which is called irreversible pulpitis.


Omg ive had i hole in my tooth for months now as i cant afford to get it fixed yet ive tryed painkillers including tramadol down to cloves and clove oil, but this is awsome it works and tastes way nicer than cloves and clove oil, u must try this thanks for the remedy. Time to get some long awaited sleep


This really worked!!!

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