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I have a broken molar with the nerve exposed. Around 5:30 this morning, intense pain woke me up. I took 3 ibuprofen 800mg, which did nothing. I was reading on this site and I found the post about heating up the baking soda. I tried that and used a little bit of warm water to make a paste. I packed the whole with the paste and covered it with a cotton ball and INSTANT RELIEF!! You know like cartoons where it's storming like crazy then all of a sudden it stops with rainbows and unicorns and birds chirping and shit? That's how my life was when I felt the relief. Pain went from a 10 to nothing immediately. May be worth a try to someone and I pray it helps.

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I have a huge filling that I lost and unfortunately exposed a nerve. My next appointment for the dentist is next month and the pain was super bad. I tried this before taking any pain meds and now instant relief. It tastes awful but it's worth relieving the pain.

Thank you for sharing this with us.


I'm about to to try this after I finish my brandy n come :)/I'll be back with results


After you make the paste and pack the tooth how long do you leave the cotton on it?


OMG!! THIS WORKED>>>REALLY! I've have tried everything under the sun. You name it, I've tried it with no success. I figured what the hell could I lose ( other than another night's sleep) I applied it, and about 2 min later I had no pain what so ever. Still can't believe it. I recommend trying it for anyone who is suffering from sever tooth pain. Hopefully it works for you as well as it did me. Good Luck. Thanks for the post!!!


I tried this a few min ago because I am in agony and unfortunately it didn't work for me!

Bee Bee

I could just kiss you for this. THANK YOU! THIS WORKED! I need a cap on my bottom teeth and I think the nerve is exposed and it hurts like a bitch. After trying this? BOOM instant relief.Now I can get some sleep


I tried this just now and it's not instant relief. But yes it taste nasty as heck. I also used Dr Tichenors all natural peppermintbmouth wash concentrate. It works miracles as well I just put some on a q tip and stick in my hole in my tooth. I am using this as temp relief along with benzocaine 20% mouth sore relief from Walgreen. Red cross instant pain relief from Walgreen


Went from pain level 10 to 6 not complaining at all thanks!


In so much pain! my filling came out & the nerves are feeling it so im going to try this right now but i don't have cotton balls so hopefully the ends of a qtip will work just as good.. praying this works for me. Thank you for sharing


Thank u this is just helping me now as we speak.God bless

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