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Alrighty, so after like six pages of these. I've tried:
pickle juice (which I like anyway) pickles (ditto)
Soda (Had Squirt on hand, it's grapefruit which I love)
Altoids Peppermint flavor
Spearmint gum ( Like it more, I actually jacked the mints from my sister)
LOTS of deep breaths (Kinda resulting from the burp. Grapefruit/pickle, case you wondered)
And they've all helped a little in their own way, I'm trying to get the guts (pun intended) to try the baking soda thing, my dad does it for heartburn a lot, but I dunno if I wanna try it. Just sounds so funky.. But, also wanna not feel like death, so think I'll suck it up, hold my breath and do it. Well my nose really, to not taste anything. :D

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val littlewolf

Gonna wait to see if juice from three bean salad cures my gut.

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