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I just want to thank all the good people that responded with their remedies. On Thursday evening my tooth started going bad and finally on Saturday night I had to resort to trying the remedies suggested because of the pain. I did the vanilla extract from Costco w the q-tips and the clove and also hydrogen peroxide mixed w water. These brought the pain level down to where it was tolerable, but recently I've been using the shower water to massage the gums so I tried it on the tooth, slowly at first expecting at any time a huge jolt of pain from hitting the nerve and then more powerful as it took away all the pain. I could have stayed in the shower all night but this is Calif and we're in the midst of a drought so I turned off the water. What I'm thinking is that I didn't have a cavity but maybe a problem with the roots since I had a tooth extracted 8 months ago and have had bite problems since. Saturday night I also took arnica Montana and it helped relieve the pain. I also did the organic coconut oil pulling but then added 2 new techniques which nobody has mentioned: 1) LED lights of blue and green and pinkish along with vibration from a little massage thingy since the tooth felt better if I kept pressure applied. I did this for maybe 30 minutes. I had read abt the light procedure from Dr. Rowen's about an practicioner from India that was able to do some cures in the 1920's using light therapy; 2) then on I read how laying on of hands can help in many situations so I had my wife hold her hand over my jaw while I held her hand to complete the circuit. We did this for about 15 minutes Saturday night (the two procedures) and Sunday I was feeling well enough to maybe go out and run 2 miles competing against some kids if called. Sunday night she held her hand on my jaw for 40 minutes while we watched Chuck Missler and then I did another 20 minutes w the light and vibration and got some good sleep from 3AM till 7:30AM and my face is now on Monday swollen from the toxin but I think I've passed the crisis point as to the teeth so that I'm not phoning the dentist since they just want to pull more of my teeth. Again I want to thank those who put their remedies down since it gave me hope and the remedies are doable by anyone.

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