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Butt hurt

Hi all so after spending weeks suffering with external hemmie I was ready to call it quits I lived between work and the time it would take me to get home to ice my butt and try some
Remedies anything to stop the pain. I was taking a muscle relaxant to stop the swelling and ibuprofen to stop the pain, I used garlic direct and with Vic's and Vic's by it's self and mixed with apple cider viniger, I would sit on ice and even tried massage and heat and cold treatment nothing worked. So here is what I found and it worked for me when all hope was lost. I do not sell products and fair warning it was costly and time consuming taking 24 hours to notice any change. Total cost was 80$ aus. Here is what I used and will 100% stand behind if you have tried all else till you have a chapped ass and worse hemmies.

Schuessler tissue salts - calcium fluoride (it says on the bottle to relieve haemorrhoids and varicose veins if you have trouble locating)
Witch hazel ointment (the ointment is the best version of which hazel you can get trust me on this)
Garlic supplements found in all chemists
Rutin 500mg and bioflavonoids 500mg
Drink a lot of pure orange juice and organic as you can go it helps circulation and assists in overall vein health.

I noticed a reduction of the hemmies the very next morning of around 70% I no longer needed pain pills to get through the day. My hemmie was the size of a large Brazil nut in the shell. Google it and see the pain I was in to not need pills the next day. I had the pills everyday to help the reduction after 4 days I was 100% haemorrhoid free and now I continue to take and have been free of flare ups so far. It was a while to get results not instant but when nothing else worked this did.

Don't look for fast fixes I tried them all and ended up with a sore ass and hemmie. Treat the problem which is weak veins. Look for long term goals healthy circulation and stronger veins and I think you'll find as I have you don't get them again. I have to take 8 pills a day but haven't had a haemorrhoid in over two years. Please fix the cause not the result. Hope this helps folks ;)

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Stevie W

How many times and how many tablets did you take per day. You say 8 a day but is the 1 of each in morning and 1 of each at night? Trying to source the calcium Floride in the UK is hard tho


When I wake before going to the toilet I keep a glass of water and two of the schuessler salt near my bed, I take two with water then use the rest room. Room temp water is good for the blood and it gives your matabolisum a boost as well as aiding in easier bowl movements by keeping hydrated. After eating I take one gralic, two rutin and bioflavonoids, if you do this before the risk is diarrhoea and upset stomach in some people.
Before lunch I take two salts again
Before dinner I take one salt and after dinner another two rutin and bioflavonoids with a glass of room temp water.
Be sure to keep hydrated and keep this up for the long term. You can switch it up and eat more high vitamin c in it's natural form if the pills are hard for
You but I find it better to do an assortment of both by having some
Organic juice for breakfast and a orange or spinach with lunch.
This is a long term fix but you must be sure
To keep it up. I once thought I'd taken enough to be fine so I stopped gradually for about a month and suffered a minor flare up that went away when I started taking the pills again. Very minor about the size of a pea but it was enough to make this a life long habit for me... I truely hope this helps you as it did me :) let me
Know how it goes


* edit*
The salts I prefer to take two before bed and in the morning but for most people one is plenty. I find they are better in doses of two, one and two but as they are a element salt they can be taken by preference there is no dose as it's a herbal salt in pill form not an actual pill as such.

Stevie w

Good thanks. I've been taking them as prescribed at the moment. 1rutin 2 garlic and anything between 2-8 salts as you can apparently take up to 12. This is in the morning. Then before dinner 4 bioflavinoids as the recommend you take before a meal. I was led to believe that the rutin is the one you need to watch as its a blood thinner. How you been with taking 4 a day??

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