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I have suffered with restless legs and hands for years but recently I've had them daily not only the night,I also suffer with insomnia which has had a huge impact on my life for many years so with the rls I thought I was going insane but thanks to my son who spent hours on the computer found what I'm calling my miracle cure and only costsĀ£2.99 in health shops although I would have paid any amount for a real cure,it's HIMALAYAN PRO FUSION ROSE PINK CRYSTAL SALT,EVERYBODY that suffers with RLS KNOWS how DEBILITATING it is and would do anything to stop it,well I have found mine and after drinking just 3 small bottles of the salt in water I had the firsT nights sleep for ages and restless legs???what is that???? So I hope you will give it a try if you haven't before and I hope you are as lucky as I am,,

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