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This is a problem that requires multiple treatments in my opinion. You need to relieve the pain and to fight the infection. First of all for the pain there is ice or very cold water, swirl it in your mouth every few minutes to help with the pain. Secondly there is tea bags or potatoes. Both can draw out an infection, I prefer the teabag myself. This helps with the pain by drawing out the infection and relieving the pain caused by the internal swelling. Simply tuck a dry teabag into your cheek against the sore tooth. Lay down for awhile I usually change the bag every 2 hours or so, but that is partially because I tend to bite down on it and I don't want it to rip open and pour tea leaves down my throat.

Secondly you need to fight the infection, garlic tablets and vitamin C have always been the best cures I have found. I can't tell you how much to take as I usually pour out a handful from each bottle and put them in my pocket and take one or two each time I take a drink of my cold water. Secondly I up the water intake to about a gallon a day or so to keep my system rinsing itself out and fight the infection. Also several times a day I rinse my mouth with peroxide letting it soak on the offending tooth for several minutes then spitting it out, I do this two or three times in a row about 4 times a day.

Usually I'm fine in between 24 and 48 hours, the infection and the pain are gone and I'm able to just go about my life.

Let me say that I know that whoever posted a million posts in this thread is correct in saying if you have an abscessed tooth you should get medical attention, unfortunately not all of us can do that, I myself have NO money, No insurance, and small kids to take care of, and a job i have to go to no matter how much pain I'm in to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. I have had a tooth that is broken in half for about 2 years and gotten about 4 infections in it. It isn't fun and I wish I could afford to fix it so that I didn't have to keep dealing with it on my own but the truth is I just can't. I can't pick my tooth over food for my kids or paying the electric bill. But using a combination of the above tricks I've found I can at least keep the infections at bay and hopefully in the next few months my new job will Begin offering insurance and I can get it fixed

Good luck!

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Submitted by Mike at 2007-06-13 21:52:29 from
Any parent who jeopardizes their health for the sake of their children is missing the point. People have died from abcessed teeth using home remedies. What good would this parent be to her children if she were dead?

to mike you are obviously not a mother, i dont know if you have ever had a child walk up to you and say 'im hungry' or 'I feel sick can you make it better?' with pain in their eyes. a mother will do anything for their child before thinking of them selves.


This is by the the most painless treatment i have encountered and from now on i am going to try keep the infection at bay, so no more sweet and stuff like that for me. I have learnt my lesson from this abscess.

I tried other remedies, they either didnt work, or made me sore.

This one was painless and as soon as i tried i could even feel the pass getting sucked out.

I was so happy and relieved, one more day of this puffy face and anymore days off work and i would have been fired.

Thank you, thank you so much!!!


This is a great remedy! Thank you for posting. I agree also with the vitamin c and garlic; I have used it many times to fight dental infection. Use them, they work (try the garlic capsules as they enter your bloodstream quickly and are easy to take; cloves are cheaper but you must chew on them several times a day-not so easy to do). I have struggled with these issues for quite a few years now and believe mine were to bring me to a higher level of conscientiousness. I realized I could not afford all the care I needed. After three pregnancy s & three beautiful, healthy children, my teeth 's condition worsened . Like the above mentioned it is difficult to care for yourself when your children 's needs always come first. Fortunately I've always had faith and about a year ago my dental problems became the worst ever. It was devastating, impossible to live like that (the remedies are just band aids they do not cure the cause). I began to pray...for a year without loosing faith. Since then I found insurance $12 a month, $5 co-pay, my root canals range from $110-$400 (could be extracted for much less).God knows I want to keep my teeth & when there's a will there's a way. In addition, financial opportunity came my way working from home (which I had also prayed for). If you have faith read Scripture Matthew 21:22; Luke 11:9...Ask & you shall receive. You have to believe with your heart. And learn to live according to his ways. If you do not choose to read Scripture, learn the Law Of Attraction because it scientifically works. I practice both & everyday. I have a thankful heart for all the good that has come into my life including my pain because it brought me closer to understanding my true purpose. Anything we want in this life is attainable all according to our thoughts. Never think you do not deserve or it is impossible because you are only as good as your thoughts. I prayed and believed I deserved. I believed the prayers would be answered and they were and continue to be.

K. M. - Louisiana

My husband and I are in the same situation. He just got laid off from his job. We had good insurance and of course during his employment, he wasn't having tooth pains. Now that he no longer has a job, we also don't have anymore insurance. So, obviously we can't afford to go to the dentist. He's been in SO much pain for a few days now and I just didn't know what to do. I don't know why I didn't think of visiting this site sooner! I'll have him try your recommendations and I pray to God that it helps. Thank you & God bless!


I have a broken tooth and I think it is abcessed. I am trying the teabag right now and the pain has dull some but it hasn't completely went away. The pain is bearable now. I hate this no insurance and a bad tooth.


The tea bag trick works. If your cheek is swollen and you can't get a bag in your mouth, my recommendation is to buy some gun powder green tea (you can get it at an Asian Market or health food store). Soak the pellets of green tea in hot water until they unravel and stick a few of the leaves on the infected spot. I did this and it actually soaked up the infection somewhat without me having to pop it. This also helped the swelling in my cheek go down so I could put a tea bag in.

The Vitamin C and Garlic tabs is also a great idea since I got somewhat of a fever along with the abscess.



I had the same problem as Christine- shallow jawline and swelling left no room for the teabag. My solution was to cut the bag open, empty about 1/2 of the tea out, fold the end closed, and dampen the bag with just a little water to hold the tea together.

I slept with that side of my face up and a towel under the other side. I don't know if my experience was normal or not but it really made me drool.

After about two hours, I got up, (hadn't really slept), and removed the teabag. It left my gums feeling a little dry/ funny. I was able to rupture the abcess and the relief was immediate. The next morning, the skin sloughed off that area of my gums. I'm not sure if this was a result of the teabag or not.

Dentist appointment first thing tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the help in making it through the weekend.


Hi, I am alson in the same boat as u guys, I have another trick that worked for me for six months and unfortunally I have to do it again but it worked. Take 2 parts baking soda and 2 parts sea salt, basically half and half, mix it together, take a cotton ball and get it alittle damp and roll it in the mix stuff it where the abcess is and keep in for a few hours, do again until u see alot of the puss drain. I also took oderless garlic tablets as its a natural antibiotic, with 1000mg vitiman C. I hope i could help, next is to try and find a job and insurance. Good luck my friends, we all need it.


OMG who would have thought the humble tea bag could be so amazing! Seriously, after 4 days of suffering followed by 8 days of amoxicillin (and an extra order of Fish Mox LOL!) and only minor relief from an abcess under a crown I found this site. Teabag put in place, replaced once after 2 hours, then an hour later a mouthful of pus and blood was the result - pain and swelling subsised almost immediately. Dentists of the world weep - the teabag is the new tooth God. Thank you SO much for this post!! :-)

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